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Power to the People!

Yachats Farm Store is excited to announce a new department of our multi-faceted store:

Appropriate Technology and Emergency Preparedness


One of the first additions to our new department is the Biolite line of Stoves and accessories. These innovative stoves utilize the combustion power of the Rocket Stove and the renewable energy power from a Thermo-electric Generator to deliver multiple yields from solid fuels like wood. While the wood-fired stove burns, it creates an electrical current that powers the integrated usb power port and led light. The fire that boils your water or cooks your food also charges your flashlight, GPS, or other electronic devices. Isn’t that cool? The USB power port puts out as much energy as a typical wall charger!


You can see more details and read about the amazing Biolite Stove technology and story here: www.biolitestove.com